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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm At That Other Web Address Over There

Hey-lo internet reader friends! ("Hey-lo" not to be confused with "Halo", the hot new-ish game young-ish kids and 35 year old gamers are playing these days, while they wear Bobby Brown era head mics and shoot each other up all virtual style) I'm writing to tell you that mostly these days I'm posting on my other blog, Uncle Moustache. Please check that out for fun updates until further notice.

Now that I've written that, I'll probably get a burst of creativity mixed with biological Red Bull-like ambition and write a ton of posts here. However, Gossip Girl is on right now, so don't count on it. But, on the chance that that does happen, all posts here will appear there on good ol' Uncle Moustache. So you'll see them either way.

By the way, The Stache is a Tumblr blog, which are totally easy to make and update. You should totally start one, so I can totally check it, and we can totally be friends (yes, you can be "blog friends" on Tumblr. You thought I was talking about real friends? Never. That's never gonna happen between you and I. Kidding. We're already friends, if you're checking this. And if we're not friends, then you found me by web-stalking. In which case, we're not friends, weirdo. Unless you're Donald Trump, in which case, I wanna ride in your limo dog. Call me.).

Ok, see you later, in OtherBlogville. And Merry Christmas season to you. Especially you, Trump.

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Step on the field and get the feeling knocked out of you by the latest installment of Reality Check!, the new Best Week Ever podcast I created with Josh Lay. It might just be the best footage of 2 fake referees you watch all day. And that's saying a lot, considering your plans to watch ESPN's Referee Masquerade Party Marathon today.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

An A-Bomb of More News

Hello there folks and folkettes! Happy post-Labor Day and take off those white pants! In the other room. There should be some pajama pants in the dresser you can use.

As seems to be the case lately, I have more amazing things share with you, so many great ones that I want you to begin reading this update by watching the video intro below:

So now that you're all jazzed up, here goes!

It's been a busy summer and I've been busy like a bee (but not as busy as the Singing Bee - Joey Fat-One! Oh!). And now I can offer you some fruit of my labor.

First, I was in a promo for USA Network's The 4400 TV show. The 4400 is basically USA's version of Heroes. Except it's been running for 3 SEASONS. Sure Heroes, you may have a large production budget, compelling stories, and main characters whose names are spelled differently but sound ridiculously similar to your show title, but I'll tell you what you don't have - A THIRD SEASON! You will next year, but then The 4400 will have 4 SEASONS. So you'll have to do double time to keep up this season, Heroes. Put that in your special effects pipe and smoke it.

The premise of these promos for The 4400 is that there is a drug called Promicin that the government just made legal and it will either kill you or give you Heroes-ish powers (Heroes, you win again!). I play a guy who took the drug, lived, and now has this great weird power to spoil food, so his friend films him and puts it on YouTube. Check out my food spoilin' special effects!

Next up in the world of news: I started a new blog and I've been posting on it for a while now. Now if you think I've been blog-cheating on you, you need to blog-get over it. It's a Tumblr blog which is super simple and awesome and what all the kids are using. The blog is called Uncle Moustache, and I try to post on it every day if I can. What you can expect from the new blog: less writing, more pictures, and even things that aren't funny. That's right, it's my thought-freakin'-provoking side. I know, I know, everything on this blog is MIND BLOWING HILARITY, so occasionally I need to post something that is just WORDS. Or PICTURES. So enjoy. And start one of your own. And if you do, we can become Tumblr blog friends.

And the last bit of news is an exciting bit. My comrade Josh Lay and I recently produced a new podcast for Best Week called REALITY CHECK. The R CHECK, as Josh and I call it when we're brainstorming and summering on our 90' iYacht (a wifi enabled yacht that plays MP3s) is hosted by Josh and I as two insane referees calling fouls and penalties on the reality TV superstars of the week. The name of the game is INTENSITY folks. After filming this, Josh was hooked into an IV for 6 hours, and I had to be resuscitated twice. But it is worth it. Enjoy, go watch it on the site to drive our hits into skyrocketing numbers, and look for the R CHECK on in the future.

That is all the news on my end. What a download! I think I could only have made bigger news if I released myself as music player communications device, waited a month, shrunk myself, gave myself twice the memory and lowered my price a few hundred dollars (sound familiar bummed out iPhone and past iPod buyers? I know, you love Apple and you hate them)!

Oh, someone has a birthday soon. And if you wanna send him a present, you can email him and get his address. Not saying who. It's not Marshall Benbow, although he has a birthday too. And so does Sanjaya Malakar. But it's not him either.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Newer News Of Newness

So yeah, it's been a while since I've posted. More on why later, but for now, check out this link to a newer online presence,, that is bigger than the Pogo Ball. Trust me.

UPDATE: After reviewing, may be the worst site on the internet. Changes are coming soon. Trust me. (If your trust was crushed after trusting me last time, renew it by reminding yourself that I love you (if you randomly found this site and I don't know you, it is hard for me to love you so go back to the original trust and try that one)).

In the mean time, check out this article I wrote for Best Week on the Top 11 Reality Dating Shows Starring Rock Stars I'd Like To See.

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Monday, July 23, 2007


I might be sick.

Actually, I am sick. That is a picture of my throat. If you're a doctor, tell me if you see anything in my throat. It's swollen and hurts. I think due to lack of sleep and being overrun as of late due to producing comic hilarity and entertaining guests from out of town (and being on double decker tour buses all weekend with my fabulous mother and her friend). Also, if there's a way for you to ship me some drugs, get on that stat - ha! Doctor's term! See, I'm in the know, Doc. Now send me some healin', ASAP.

My good friend Miles Travis recently posted an IM conversation we had on his blog in his Catching Up With.... series. If you're laid up on the couch like me you can read it. Also, you can watch some movies....Kicking and Screaming (didn't like it), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (meh, ok), and The Devil Wears Prada (liked it, actually too much to feel good about myself).

Since Miles is catching up me currently, I'll let you catch up Miles a few years ago with this video I made for Miles' birthday when we lived in Montana back in 2000. This adds to the video archvies of the Youth Gone Wild trip of 2000-20001.

And if you can send me some anti-biotics I'm game. I just got to the Daniel Radcliffe tub scene in The Goblet of Fire, and I think I'm ready to be off the couch now.

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